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Christopher Young7/17/2018Christopher YoungAge: 34County: Bexar
Murder of a store owner during an attempted robbery.

"Death Row has saved my life."

Danny Bible6/27/2018Danny BibleAge: 66County: Harris
Rape and murder of a woman in his home.

In all, he confessed to four killings and at least nine rapes.

Juan Castillo5/16/2018Juan CastilloAge: 36County: Bexar
Murder and robbery of a 19-year-old man.

In an interview from Death Row the week before his execution, Castillo said he had "no idea" who killed the victim. He also said that the medallion he was seen wearing the day after the murder was his.

Erick Davila4/25/2018Erick DavilaAge: 31County: Tarrant
Murder of a woman and her granddaughter at a party.

"I was trying to get the guys on the porch and I was trying to get the fat dude. I wasn't aiming at the kids or the woman and don't know where the woman came from."

Rosendo Rodriguez III3/27/2018Rosendo Rodriguez IIIAge: 38County: Lubbock
Rape and murder of a prostitute.

Rodriguez became known as the "suitcase killer."


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