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Carl Buntion4/21/2022Carl BuntionAge: 78County: Harris
Murder of a police officer during a traffic stop.

Buntion was the oldest prisoner on Texas' Death Row and, reportedly, the oldest death row prisoner in the world.

Rick Rhoades9/28/2021Rick RhoadesAge: 57County: Harris
Murder and robbery of two men in their home.

According to Rhoades, one of the victims told him to leave the area and they became involved in a "staring match."

John Hummel6/30/2021John HummelAge: 45County: Tarrant
Murder of his pregnant wife, daughter, and father-in-law in their home.

"I remember standing there holding the kitchen knife contemplating on whether or not to kill my wife for about 30 minutes."

Quintin Jones5/19/2021Quintin JonesAge: 41County: Tarrant
Murder and robbery of his great aunt in her home.

A day earlier, the victim told her sister that she refused a request for a loan from Jones earlier in the day. The sister testified that the victim "seemed uneasy" about her conversation with Jones.

Billy Wardlow7/8/2020Billy WardlowAge: 45County: Morris
Murder of a man while robbing him in his home.

"The intention was to get him to let me use the phone and once inside, I would rob him."


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