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Raphael Holiday11/18/2015Raphael HolidayAge: 36County: Madison
Murder of his daughter and two other girls in their home.

"I was at the house. The house blew up," Holiday said. "I don't know how the fire started."

Licho Escamilla10/14/2015Licho EscamillaAge: 33County: Dallas
Murder of a police officer who was responding to a fight he was engaged in.

When the judge finished reading the jury's decision to the courtroom, Escamilla shot out of his seat, grabbed a plastic water pitcher, and flung it toward the jury box, sloshing water on his attorneys and the prosecutors.

Juan Garcia10/6/2015Juan GarciaAge: 35County: Harris
Murder and robbery of a man in a parking lot.

Unable to read and write until early adulthood and unable to get a job because of his criminal record, he was powerless to turn his life around, he said.

Daniel Lopez8/12/2015Daniel LopezAge: 27County: Nueces
Murder of a police officer while evading arrest.

Lopez smiled through most of his trial, and he nodded and smiled as the judge announced the jury's decision to put him to death. "I don't have to spend my life in prison," he said in an interview afterward.

Gregory Russeau6/18/2015Gregory RusseauAge: 45County: Smith
Murder and robbery of a 75-year-old man.

The defense acknowledged that Russeau stole the victim's automobile, but argued that the state failed to prove that Russeau killed him.


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