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Billie Coble2/28/2019Billie CobleAge: 70County: McLennan
Abduction of his estranged wife and murder of her parents and brother.

"I've killed your momma and your daddy and your brother, and they are all dead, and nobody is going to come help you now."

Robert Jennings1/30/2019Robert JenningsAge: 61County: Harris
Murder of a police officer during a store robbery.

According to a witness, Jennings simply walked up to the officer and shot him twice. After he collapsed to the floor, Jennings shot him a third time.

Alvin Braziel Jr.12/11/2018Alvin Braziel Jr.Age: 43County: Dallas
Murder of a man and rape of his wife during a robbery.

During Braziel's trial, the prosecutor showed the wife a photo from her husband's autopsy. She began protesting and crying loudly ... the prosecutor denied that he deliberately intended to provoke an emotional response from her.

Joseph Garcia12/4/2018Joseph GarciaAge: 47County: Dallas
Murder of a police officer while on escape from prison.

"I am on death row because of the actions and intent of others and because I am one of the Texas Seven, case closed."

Robert Ramos11/14/2018Robert RamosAge: 64County: Hidalgo
Murder of his wife and two children in their home.

Ramos told officers that he returned home in February after a day of job seeking and found his wife and children dead. He dug a hole in the bathroom floor and buried them.


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