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Taichin Preyor7/27/2017Taichin PreyorAge: 46County: Bexar
Murder of a woman during a burglary of her apartment.

"I felt like I was a victim. I was the one being robbed, and I defended myself."

James Bigby3/14/2017James BigbyAge: 61County: Tarrant
Murder of a man and an infant in their home.

Bigby then ran into Judge Leonard's chambers, where Leonard was seated at his desk. He stood over Leonard, pointed the gun at his head, and said "Let's go."

Rolando Ruiz3/7/2017Rolando RuizAge: 44County: Bexar
Murder-for-hire of a woman for an insurance payout.

Ruiz walked over to the passenger side of the car. As the victim stepped out, she looked up at Ruiz and smiled at him.

Terry Edwards1/26/2017Terry EdwardsAge: 43County: Dallas
Murder of two employees in a fast-food restaurant robbery.

He was fired from the same restaurant in June for stealing from the cash register.

Christopher Wilkins1/11/2017Christopher WilkinsAge: 48County: Tarrant
Murder of two men who tricked him in a drug deal.

"I know they are bad decisions. I make them anyway."


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