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Derrick Charles5/12/2015Derrick CharlesAge: 32County: Harris
Murder of his girlfriend, her mother, and her grandfather in their home.

He said in court that he smoked marijuana soaked in embalming fluid before the killings and had hallucinations while committing them.

Manuel Garza4/15/2015Manuel GarzaAge: 34County: Bexar
Murder of a police officer who was trying to arrest him.

"I truly think this was the cop's fault," he said. "I don't see why he wanted to pull out his gun."

Kent Sprouse4/9/2015Kent SprouseAge: 42County: Ellis
Murder of a police officer and another man at a gas station.

He entered the store with a shotgun hanging over his shoulder to make a purchase.

Manuel Vasquez3/12/2015Manuel VasquezAge: 46County: Bexar
Murder of a woman on the orders of the Mexican mafia.

One of the victims heard the men discussing taking his body outside, cutting him into pieces, and throwing him into the lake.

Donald Newbury2/4/2015Donald NewburyAge: 53County: Dallas
Murder of a police officer during a robbery while on escape from prison.

He blamed Officer Hawkins' death on poor police training.


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