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Erick Davila4/25/2018Erick DavilaAge: 31County: Tarrant
Murder of a woman and her granddaughter at a party.

"I was trying to get the guys on the porch and I was trying to get the fat dude. I wasn't aiming at the kids or the woman and don't know where the woman came from."

Rosendo Rodriguez III3/27/2018Rosendo Rodriguez IIIAge: 38County: Lubbock
Rape and murder of a prostitute.

Rodriguez became known as the "suitcase killer."

John Battaglia2/1/2018John BattagliaAge: 62County: Dallas
Murder of his two daughters.

Their mother yelled into the phone, "Run! Run for the door!" She heard gunshots, then heard Battaglia scream, "Merry [expletive] Christmas."

William Rayford1/30/2018William RayfordAge: 64County: Dallas
Abduction and murder of his ex-girlfriend.

Some of the victim's relatives said she was aware of Rayford's previous murder conviction when they became a couple, but believed it was her Christian duty to give people second chances.

Anthony Shore1/18/2018Anthony ShoreAge: 55County: Harris
Abduction, murder, and/or rape of 5 women and girls.

News articles referred to Shore as the "Tourniquet Killer" because of the manner in which his victims were strangled.


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