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Recent Texas Executions

Terry Edwards1/26/2017Terry EdwardsAge: 43County: Dallas
Murder of two employees in a fast-food restaurant robbery.

He was fired from the same restaurant in June for stealing from the cash register.

Christopher Wilkins1/11/2017Christopher WilkinsAge: 48County: Tarrant
Murder of two men who tricked him in a drug deal.

"I know they are bad decisions. I make them anyway."

Barney Fuller10/5/2016Barney FullerAge: 58County: Houston
Murder of two of his neighbors in a dispute.

Fuller told Annette over the telephone, "Happy New Year, I'm going to kill you."

Pablo Vasquez4/6/2016Pablo VasquezAge: 38County: Hidalgo
Murder and robbery of a 12-year-old boy.

Vasquez said on the tape-recorded confession, "Something just told me to drink."

"You drink what?" a detective asked.

"His blood."

Adam Ward3/22/2016Adam WardAge: 33County: Hunt
Murder of a city official who was on his property.

He confessed that he "overreacted" to the situation.


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