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Justen Hall11/6/2019Justen HallAge: 38County: El Paso
Murder of a woman to prevent her from reporting an assault.

Hall, then 21, said that he did not want the police to discover the methamphetamine lab in Hale's house and that he intended to kill the woman.

Robert Sparks9/25/2019Robert SparksAge: 45County: Dallas
Murder of his wife and her two sons and rape of her two daughters.

Sparks told the girl he had killed her mother and brothers, showed her their bodies, and said it was her fault they were dead.

Mark Soliz9/10/2019Mark SolizAge: 37County: Johnson
Robbery and murder of a woman in her home.

When he showed her that he was stealing her jewelry box, she asked him not to take it because it had been a gift from her mother, who was now deceased. Soliz then told her to go be with her mother and shot her in the head.

Billy Crutsinger9/4/2019Billy CrutsingerAge: 64County: Tarrant
Murder and robbery of two women in their home.

Detectives began tracking purchases made on the victim's credit card and located Crutsinger at a bar in Galveston, where he was arrested.

Larry Swearingen8/21/2019Larry SwearingenAge: 48County: Montgomery
Abduction and murder of a 19-year-old woman

"I did not put no pantyhose around her neck ... to take your hands and strangle somebody, that's not me."


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