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Billy Wardlow7/8/2020Billy WardlowAge: 45County: Morris
Murder of a man while robbing him in his home.

"The intention was to get him to let me use the phone and once inside, I would rob him."

Abel Ochoa2/6/2020Abel OchoaAge: 47County: Dallas
Murder of his wife, two children, and two other family members.

"Crack cocaine made me do things I would have never done. You know anybody on drugs? Tell them to get away. It'll get them nowhere but in prison."

John Gardner1/15/2020John GardnerAge: 64County: Collin
Murder of his estranged wife in her home.

According to her best friend, the victim was afraid of Gardner because he had physically abused her throughout their marriage and had repeatedly threatened to kill her if she left him.

Travis Runnels12/11/2019Travis RunnelsAge: 46County: Potter
Murder of a prison employee.

He approached the victim, raised a knife, tilted his head back, and cut his throat. He then wiped the knife with a white rag and walked back toward the trimming tables.

Justen Hall11/6/2019Justen HallAge: 38County: El Paso
Murder of a woman to prevent her from reporting an assault.

Hall, then 21, said that he did not want the police to discover the methamphetamine lab in Hale's house and that he intended to kill the woman.


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