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Execution Report: Rick Rhoades

Rick Rhoades
Rick Rhoades
Executed on 28 September 2021

Rick Allan Rhoades, 57, was executed by lethal injection on 28 September 2021 in Huntsville, Texas for the murder and robbery of two men in their home.

On Thursday, 12 September 1991, Rhoades, then 27, was released on parole from a prison in Huntsville, after serving 3 years of a 5-year sentence for automobile theft and burglary of a habitation. Instead of reporting to his assigned halfway house in Beaumont, he took a bus to Houston.

After an unsuccessful search for his parents, Rhoades went to an apartment complex where he had previously lived and had several beers. He then began wandering around the neighborhood. At 2:30 a.m. on the 13th, he encountered Charles Allen, 31, outside of his home. According to Rhoades, Allen told him to leave the area and they became involved in a "staring match." Allen then went inside his house. Rhoades, who stated that he believed Allen was going to get a gun, followed him inside. He picked up a small metal bar from a weight bench and entered the kitchen. Allen then picked up a knife. A fight ensued, during which Rhoades hit Allen with the bar, causing him to drop the knife. Rhoades then grabbed the knife and stabbed Allen several times, killing him. The noise awoke Allen's brother, Bradley, 33. He came into the kitchen, fought with Rhoades, and was fatally stabbed.

Rhoades took some cash from the home and changed into some clean clothes belonging to the brothers. He then went into an unoccupied apartment and took a shower.

The brothers' bodies were discovered by a neighbor later that morning. Police found bloody footprints, but no usable fingerprints, at the crime scene.

A month later, Rhoades was caught burglarizing an elementary school in Pasadena. While in custody, he told police he had information on a double homicide and was "tired of running." He admitted to killing the Allen brothers. He said that he saw a report of their deaths on the news the morning that it happened and it had been "bothering [him] ever since."

Rhoades had four prior convictions in Indiana and Texas, mostly for home and auto burglaries. He received parole three times.

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